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100 lei 2012 - 500 Years since the Enthronement of Neagoe Basarab in Walachia
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31 mm diameter, 31.103 g, 99.9% silver, grained edge
ROMANIA, face value "100 LEI", coat of arms of Romania, year 2012, on background a view of the church of Curtea de Argeš monastery and some rays
Reverse: bust of voivod Neagoe Basarab, a side view of the church of Curtea de Argeš monastery, year 1512 and NEAGOE BASARAB, circular inscription BISERICA MANASTIRII CURTEA DE ARGES meaning "CHURCH OF THE CURTEA DE ARGES MONASTERY"

Issuing date: 25th of June 2012

Mintage: 250 coins

The issue has also a circulation variant, with the face value of 50 bani.

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