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10 lei 2008 - Hoard of Hinova
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13.92 mm diameter, 1.224 g, 99.9% gold, reeded edge
Obverse: face value "10 LEI", coat of arms of Romania, ROMANIA, year 2008, several bi-pyramidal necklace parts from the Hinova hoard, forming one vertical row and two horizontal rows
Reverse: inscription "TEZAURUL DE LA HINOVA" meaning "HOARD OF HINOVA", several bi-pyramidal necklace parts from the Hinova hoard, forming one vertical row and two horizontal rows, at left four bell-shaped necklace parts, at right a cylindrical open muff

Issuing date: 24th of December 2008

Mintage: 500 coins

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About Hinova hoard

The village of Hinova lies in Mehedinți county, near Danube River, next to the town of Drobeta - Turnu Severin. At Hinova was unearthed in 1980 a hoard of gold objects weighing almost 5 kilograms of precious metal. It comprises a diadem, several bracelets, muffs and rings, hundreds of necklace parts and thousands of very small cone-shaped beads made of gold sheet. Probably the hoard was burried at the end of the 2nd millennium BC. The hoard was discovered during an archaeological campaign that took place in the area of the Roman camp (castrum) from Hinova.

The most impressive piece of the hoard is represented on the coin - a cylindrical open muff having 8.4 centimeters in diameter, 5.2 centimeters long, weighing more than half a kilogram.

The History of gold series comprises four pieces of 500 lei from 2001 (featuring the golden cache of Pietroasa), three 100 lei coins from 1999 (and from 2002 and 2003 too) with the Dacian helmet of Poiana-Coțofenești, from 2003 with an eagle from Apahida, from 2004 with the Cantacuzinian engolpion and several of 10 new lei from 2005 with the Perșinari hoard, from 2006 with the Cucuteni-Băiceni hoard, from 2007 with the rhyton of Poroina, from 2008 with the Hinova Hoard, from 2010 with the Someșeni hoard, from 2011 with the buckle of Curtea de Argeș and with the cross from Dinogetia and from 2012 with the patera from Pietroasa Hoard.

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