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10 lei silver 2009 - Timișoara - first European city with electric lighting
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Timișoara - first European city with electric lighting - 10 lei silver 2009 - obverse Timișoara - first European city with electric lighting - 10 lei silver 2009 - reverse
37 mm diameter, 31.103 g, 99.9 silver%, grained edge
Obverse: face value 10 LEI, ROMANIA, Romanian coat of arms, year 2009, image of a lantern from the times of the Austrian rule, the Roman Catholic Dome, a fragment from the monument of the Trinity, the statue of John of Nepomuk, Romanian Opera, Orthodox Cathedral, the Museum of Banat and the bridge Metropolitan Șaguna over River Bega
Reverse: images representing the hydroelectric power plant on River Bega, three electric generators, the building of the first power plant in Timișoara and inscription "TIMISOARA - PRIMUL ORAS EUROPEAN ILUMINAT ELECTRIC" meaning "TIMISOARA - FIRST EUROPEAN CITY WITH ELECTRIC LIGHTING" and year 1884

Issuing date: 25th of November 2009

Mintage: 500 coins

Images from Timișoara

Saint George Cathedral, known as Roman-Catholic Dome, was built during periods 1736-1751 and 1755-1774 in baroque style. Also in Union Square, another baroque style monument resides, known as the Monument of the Holy Trinity or the Plague Column (Coloana Ciumei in Romanian, Pestsäule in German), dating back from 1740. The monument depicts Virgin Mary crowned by the Father, the Son and by the Holy Ghost in shape of a dove as well. At the base of the column other statues complete the scene: Saint John of Nepomuk, king David, Saint Barbara and others.

In Liberty Square, in front of the former City Hall and the Military Casino, there is a baroque rococo monument erected by the Catholic Society of the Saint John (Jan) of Nepomuk in 1756. In the central part of the monument Saint John of Nepomuk is placed, chosen in 1727 to be the patron of Roman Catholics in Banat. The statue Saint Mary, on top of the monument, is represented on the coin. The monument was created by Viennese sculptors Blim and Wasserburger.

The Opera House of Timișoara Opera was built between 1871 and 1875 following the plans of Vienesse architects Helmer and Fellner who were specialized in designing playhouses. After the fire of 1920 it was rebuilt and modified by architect Duiliu Marcu. The institution of Timișoara Opera was founded in 1946 by royal decree, and the inauguration spectacle - Aida by Verdi - took place on April 27th 1947. Since 2004 the Opera got the title of National Opera.

The Orthodox Metropolitan Catedral of Timișoara was designed by professor Ion D. Trajanescu from the Faculty of Arhitecture of Bucharest. Constructor and entrepreneur was engineer Tiberiu Eremie, and the construction authority was issued on June 22nd 1936. The Cathedral was sanctified on October 6th 1946, king Michael being also present. The Church has a soaring, slender silhouette and adornments corresponding to the Moldavian architectural style, that is a merry synthesis of the Gothic and Byzantine styles. (information posted on the monument plaque)

The statue of the she-wolf placed in front of the cathedral was a gift to the city of Timișoara from the authorities of the city of Rome in 1926.

Museum of Banat in Timișoara resides since 1946 in the building called the Hunyad Castle. The castle was built by Iancu of Hunedoara (John Hunyad), over an older castle place of Hungarian King Carol Robert of Anjou, the later dating back from around 1310. It was rebuilt and renovated in 1856.

Bridge "Metropolitan Andrei Șaguna", also known as the Bridge of Youth, was built in 1913, on the place of a wooden bridge.

Hydroelectric Plant was started in 1910, after canalization of Bega River.

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