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10 lei silver 2010 - 100 Years from the Birth of Romanian Actor Ștefan Ciobotărașu
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37 mm diameter, 31.103 g, 99.9% silver, grained edge
Obverse: face value "100 LEI", ROMANIA, coat of arms of Romania, year 2010, the mask of comedy and the mask of tragedy, a film roll and a piece of film, symbols of the theater and movie world
Reverse: the actor in a film frame, in the role played in Columna, inscription STEFAN CIOBOTARASU, years 1910 and 1970

Issuing date: 16th of August 2010

Mintage: 1000 coins

About Romanian Actor Ștefan Ciobotărașu

He was born at Lipovăț, in Vaslui county. He graduated the Academy of Music and Dramatic Art from Iași in 1933 (nowadays "George Enescu" University of Arts). In 1945 he left the National Theatre of Iași for Bucharest. Ciobotărașu played in about thirty Romanian movies.

The Romanian and German movie Columna was made in 1968. In this movie Ștefan Ciobotărașu played the role of One-Arm - a Dacian nobleman or tarabostes.

In motion picture "Neamul Șoimăreștilor" [Kin of Șoimărești] (1965), he giftedly played the ingrate role of Moldavian boyar Stroie Orheianul. As well, Ștefan Ciobotărașu played the role of Ion Creangă in motion picture "Amintiri din copilărie” [Memories of My Boyhood]- 1965.

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