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10 lei 2014- Superior War School - 125 Years since Establishment
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37 mm diameter, 31.103 g, 99.9% silver, reeded edge
Obverse: face value 10 LEI, coat of arms of Romania, year 2014, ROMANIA, inside inner double twisted circle - year 1889, an image of the building of the Military Academy, in which the National Defence University "Carol I" is functioning, outside - inscription "125 DE ANI DE LA INFIINTAREA SCOLII SUPERIOARE DE RAZBOI" meaning "125 YEARS SINCE THE ESTABLISHMENT OF THE SUPERIOR WAR SCHOOL", with one rose at the beginning and at the end of the inscription
Reverse: inside inner double twisted circle the busts of the king and of the chief of the General Staff of the Romanian Army over several rays, inscriptions "Carol I" and "St. Falcoianu", above the coat of arms of the War School, inscriptions "UNIVERSITATEA NATIONALA DE APARARE CAROL I" meaning "NATIONAL DEFENCE UNIVERSITY CAROL I" and "LABOR IMPROBUS OMNIA VINCIT" (in Latin), separated by two series of three roses each

Issuing date: 19th of May 2014

Mintage: 250 coins

About the Superior War School

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