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10 lei 2016 - Romanian Academy - 150 years since establishment
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37 mm diameter, 31.103 g, 99.9% silver, reeded edge
Obverse: coat of arms of Romania, ROMANIA, face value 10 LEI, year 2016, goddess Minerva holding a winged Victory (image from the Academy's logo), on background the frontispiece of the Academy's building in Bucharest (above) and the main auditorium of the Academy (below)
Reverse: picture from 1867 comprising portraits of the members of the Academic Romanian Society, inscription "ACADEMIA ROMANA 150 DE ANI DE LA INFIINTARE" meaning "ROMANIAN ACADEMY 150 YEARS SINCE ESTABLISHMENT"

Issuing date: 14th of March 2016

Mintage: 350 coins (150 of them inside sets)

The series also comprises coins of 1 leu from tombac and of 100 lei from gold. Together with the silver coin, these formed a set. Only 150 sets were released to the public. In 2006 NBR honored the Romanian Academy with another coin set of three coins.

About the Romanian Academy

The Literary Romanian Society, founded on April 1st/13th 1866 by a decree of the Princely Lieutenancy, was transformed in August 1867 into the Academic Romanian Society and had the following goals: settling the orthography, elaborating a grammar and a dictionary of the Romanian. The law from March 1879 transformed this society in the Romanian Academy, a national institute having three sections: the literary section (literature, art, philology and philosophy), the historical (history, geography and social sciences) and the scientific section (theoretical and applied sciences). Before 1989 the Academy also bore the following names: Academy of the Romanian People's Republic and Academy of the Socialist Republic of Romania.

detail with the portraits of the founding members; put the cursor above for names and for shortcuts to the pages dedicated to members already honored by NBR and NBM through coins

The building of the Academy, whose frontispiece appears on the coin, was inaugurated in 1898.

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