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10 lei 2019 - French General Henri Mathias Berthelot
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37 mm diameter, 31.103 g, 99.9% silver, reeded edge
Obverse: ROMANIA, face value 10 LEI, year 2019, coat of arms of Romania, an image of the General Berthelot's mansion from General Berthelot commune (formerly Fărcădinul de Jos) in the Hunedoara county
Reverse: bust of the general, inscription HENRI MATHIAS BERTHELOT and years 1861-1931

Issuing date: 22nd of April 2019

Maximum mintage: 300 coins

? mm diameter, ? g,
inside inner linear circle an image of the mansion where general Berthelot (1861 - 1931) was housed in Iași during World War I, above years 1916-1996, below the French inscription À LA MÉMOIRE DU CHEF DE LA MISSION MILITAIRE FRANÇAISE EN ROUMANIE (on four rows) meaning IN MEMORY OF THE HEAD OF THE FRENCH MILITARY MISSION IN ROMANIA; circular inscriptions • CONSILIUL JUDETEAN IASI - ROMANIA • and RESEDINTA GENERALULUI LA IASI meaning JASSY COUNTY COUNCIL and GENERAL'S RESIDENCE IN JASSY
inside inner linear circle bust of the general, at right MF, initials of the engraver Maximilian Fetița (1947-2014); circular inscriptions GÉNÉRAL HENRI MATHIAS BERTHELOT and the years between which he lived, 1861-1931, GRAND AMI DE LA NATION ROUMAINE, meaning GREAT FRIEND OF THE ROMANIAN NATION

? mm diameter, ? g,
inside inner linear circle a French Croix de Guerre military decoration (Cross of War), circular inscriptiin ★ MAREȘAL F. FOCH ★ ION I.C. BRĂTIANU ★ GL. H.M. BERTHELOT ★ 18 OCT. 1922; along the edge circular inscription ✶ CRUCEA DE RĂZBOI FRANCEZĂ ✶ ACORDATĂ ORAȘULUI EROU GIURGIU meaning FRENCH CROSS OF WAR AWARDED TO THE HERO CITY OF GIURGIU
bust of general Berthelor, at left initials FCB, circular inscription on two rows ••••••••• 100 DE ANI DE LA INTRAREA ARMATEI ALIATE DE DUNĂRE ÎN GIURGIU H.M. BERTHELOT 1918-10 NOV-2018 meaning 100 YEARS FROM THE ENTRANCE OF THE ALLIED ARMY OF THE DANUBE IN GIURGIU

Regarding the above medal, it is interesting to note that the French Croix de Guerre (War Cross) decoration was also assigned to the localities severely affected by the war [1] (in the Wikipedia encyclopedia the number of 2952 decorated localities is given - but probably there were more). All these decorations were accompanied by a palmette (probably of brass, symbolizing an army-level citation). The specimen in the image of the medal from Giurgiu bears a star (symbolizing a citation at the level of regiment, brigade, division or army corps - depending on the metal). The piece awarded in 1922 to the city of Giurgiu had a palmette [2], as a vintage photograph proves, but the decoration awarded in 1922 - kept in a display case at the town hall of Giurgiu - disappeared sometime in 1944-1945. The current piece is only a substitute, brought to Giurgiu from the Central Military Museum in Bucharest in 1968, before the visit that French President Charles de Gaulle was preparing to make to Romania (it was believed that he could visit, among other places, the city of Giurgiu) [2]. In the interwar period, the Croix de Guerre decoration was represented with proud on the coat of arms of Giurgiu.


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