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1 leu 1924
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21 mm diameter, 3.5 g, copper 75%, nickel 25%, grained edge, outer pearl circle
inscription "BUN PENTRU" = GOOD FOR, denomination "1 LEU", wheat ears wreath
ROMANIA, year 1924 and Romanian coat of arms; both at left and right of the coat of arms three five-ray stars; outer pearl circle

Mintage: 100.000.000 coins (Brussels)

               100.007.255 coins (Poissy)

The coins struck in 1924 were minted in two mints. The coins struck in Brussels have no distinctive signs. The lightning marked coins were struck at the Coinage French Society (Poissy branch). The mintages are taken from Schäffer - Stambuliu catalog from 2009. In MBR the total mintage figure for this issue is 200.006.255 pieces, 1.000 less.



The Brussels coin pictures above are present on Romanian coins through the kind permission of an anonymous donor.

An essay for 1 leu 1924 piece struck at Poissy can be seen here.

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