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1 leu 1951, 1952
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1 leu 1951 1 leu 1951
16 mm diameter, 0.61 g, aluminum, flat edge
denomination "1 LEU" and year 1951.
inscription "REPUBLICA POPULARA ROMANA" and sun rising beyond the mountains, oil rig in front; under the rig H. Ionescu (Haralamb), the engraver's name, and a five-ray star
1 leu 1952 1 leu 1952

After the monetary reform of January 28th 1952 the coins of 1 ban, 3, 5, 10 and 25 bani (presented on the following pages of the site) were introduced into circulation. The old coins were withdrawn from circulation, the aluminum 1 leu and 2 lei from 1952 included, the later having thus circulated for a very short time. Probably, very few aluminum coins of 1952 were introduced into circulation the days before the monetary reform of January.

The mintages of these coins are not known. It is certain that 1 leu 1952 is a key date, one of the rarest and hardest to find coins issued during the communist era.

The pictures of 1 leu 1951 and 1952 coins above are present on Romanian coins through the kind permission of an anonymous donor.

For a long period on this page were displayed pictures of 1 leu 1952 through the kind permission of Mr. sebii.

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