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1 leu 1992
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1 leu 1992 1 leu 1992
19 mm diameter, 2.5 g, copper plated steel, flat edge
denomination "1 LEU", wheat ears and oak leaves
ROMANIA, the National Bank of Romania monogram, year · 1992 · and oak leaves. Under the monogram at right lies C.D. standing for Constantin Dumitrescu, the engraver's name.

Issuing date: 25th of November 1992

Mintage: 60.000.000 coins

This coin was issued on 25th of November 1992. The information concerning the estimated mintage figures for the coins struck after 1989 is given after "Standard Catalog of World Coins", editor G. Cuhaj.

Patterns of 1 leu coin with year 1992 are also known. Click here to see a nickel 1 leu 1992 pattern.

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