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1 para / 3 dengas 1771 - MON. MOLD: I VALAK.
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~29 mm diameter, ~11 g, copper?
Obverse: two inclined oval shields, in the left shield the aurochs head of Moldavia, in the right one the Walachian eagle with Patriarchal cross in its beak, sitting on crown, ground lines, waning moon to the right, above the shields a princely crown, in exergue horizontal line and year 1771, in the upper part semicircular inscription MON. MOLD: I VALAK., in Russian; outer toothed circle
Reverse: Cyrillic inscription PARA (underlined with one or two close lines) 3 DENGI inside a square with the sides made of torsades; outer toothed circle edge adorned with vegetal motif

The pictures of the coin above are present on Romanian coins through the kind permission of Mr. Yu_L.Yan.

In 1771 only 3 dengas coins were struck, for a total value of 3,224 roubles and 37 kopecks, meaning 214,958 pieces. In this number the regular 1 para / 3 dengas coins (as above) and the coin patterns of 3 dengas are included. Uzdenikov, in his book Monety Rossii 1700 - 1917 (Moscow, 1986), affirms that the copper coin patterns of 3 dengas were struck in large enough quantities, and only the pattern for 5 kopecks 1771 is truly scarce.

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