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1 rouble 2014
city of Rībniža
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22 mm diameter, 4.65 g, nickel plated steel, flat edge
Obverse: denomination "1 RUBLI" (Cyrillic), coat of arms of the self proclaimed republic of Transnistria (bearing hammer and sickle), inscription "PRIDNESTROVSKII RESPUBLIKANSKII BANK" (in Cyrillic and Russian) meaning "[TRANS] NISTRIAN REPUBLICAN BANK", year 2014
Reverse: at left the monument of the Soviet soldier, with the red star atop, at right an open book (chronicle of the city) on which is written "1626 OSNOVANIA RYBNITSY" meaning "1626 FOUNDING OF RĪBNIŽA", quill and inkwell, in background an image with the local steel works, above inscription "1628 G." meaning "(year) 1628", in exergue inscription "RYBNITSA" (with Cyrillic letters)

Mintage: 50.000 coins

The coins from the Cities of Transnistria series were issued on 12th of December 2014.

As a toponym, Rībniža is an old Romanian word meaning fishing pond. It is Slavic originated (from Slavic rība - ryba, fish). Two important Romanian cities exist in Walachia, their names having the same meaning the same linguistic origin. Their name has evolved in the shape of Rīmnic.

This is a coin issued by Transnistria. Knowing one might rightfully be wondering what is Transnistria about, we tried to depict on the site the issue as best as we could. Click the links below to clarify yourself.

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For further information confront the Modern and contemporary history section inside the Brief and Comprehensive History of Romanians and Romania page.

Why Transnistrian Coins on Romanian Coins?

Because Transnistrian coins are held in their pockets and used as such by Romanian speaking Romanians on their native land.

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