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25 bani 1921
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19 mm diameter, 0.896 g, aluminum, flat edge
denomination "25 BANI", crown and, hardly visible, HUGUENIN (incuse).
wing spread eagle holding a cross in its beak, ROMANIA and year 1921

Mintage: 20.000.000 coins

Struck in Switzerland, at Huguenin Fréres & Co., Le Locle.

Both the 25 and the 50 bani coins struck in 1921 come in two slightly different variants. The inner bore has either 4 or 4.5 mm across. The one above has a 4 mm bore.

The pictures above are present on Romanian coins through the kind permission of an anonymous donor.

The images of essay below are present on the site by the kind contribution of MR Florin L..

At the left of digit 1 in 1921 the stamped monogram HF can be observed, bearing a special proof that this essay was manufactured in Switzerland, at Huguenin Frères & Co., in the small locality of Le Locle near the border with France.

The regular coins have only inscription HUGUENIN incuse on the face with the value.

The series of 25 and 50 bani in 1921 could have been continued in 1922 with pieces of 1 leu, 2 and 5 lei (not issued, eventually). Patterns of higher values can be seen here.

These patterns have the same HF monogram incuse in the same area of the coins.

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