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50 bani 1884, 1885
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50 bani 1884
inscription "CAROL I REGE AL ROMANIEI" meaning "KING OF ROMANIA" and CAROL I head facing left, outer pearl circle. Under the neck lies KULLRICH, the engraver's name. 18 mm diameter, 2.5 g, silver 83.5%,
copper 16.5%, grained edge
denomination "50 BANI", year 1884, wreath formed by interlaced laurel and oak branches, below letter B standing for the Bucharest mint, outer pearl circle

Mintage: 1.000.000 coins in 1884

                 200.000 coins in 1885

50 bani 1885

In 1884 1.000.000 coins were struck, in two variants, with and without the letter B, the sign of the Bucharest mint. In 1885 were struck only 200.000 coins. These coins are very similar each other and with the 50 bani coins struck in 1894, 1900 and 1901. They are hard to find.

It is very interesting to observe that the effigies used on 50 bani 1884 and 1885 are not identical. The two coins differ not only by the year. Two of the most obvious differences between the effigies were presented in the pictures below (at left, 20 lei 1883, at right 5 lei 1883). The tip of the beard and the wavy line of the neck differ most apparently. The effigy on the 50 bani 1884 was used, among others, on the 5 lei 1881-1885 series. The effigy on the 50 bani 1885 was used on 1 leu 1884 and 1885 and also on 20 de lei 1883.

two differences between the effigies of king Carol I

The silver coins pictures above are present on Romanian coins through the kind permission of Mr. J.M..

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