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50 bani 1947
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50 bani 1947 50 bani 1947
16 mm diameter, 1.7 g, copper 80%, zinc 19%, nickel 1%, flat edge
denomination "50 BANI"
the inscription "ROMANIA", crown and year 1947 between two square signs

Mintage: 13.266.000 coins

In the book Monetele României by Iliescu and Radovici (Coins of Romania, 2004) it is mentioned that these coins were struck at Bucharest and at Budapest, with a mintage of 13.400.000 pieces; the composition given is copper 63% - zinc 37%.

The Schäffer - Stambuliu catalog from 2009 (România - proiecte, probe monetare şi catalogul monedelor emise) mentions that at Budapest 738.000 of 50 bani 1947 were struck, and that these pieces can not be distinguished from the ones struck at Bucharest.

The pictures above are present on Romanian coins through the kind permission of an anonymous donor.

The series comprised of 50 bani, 1 leu, 2 lei and 5 lei pieces from 1947 entered circulation subsequently to the monetary reform of August 15th 1947. The monetary reform known in Romania as "Stabilizarea" was aimed at solving the war consequences in which the monetary circulation was concerned and at stimulating the financial recovery of the country. The reform set the value of 1 leu to 6.6 miligrams of gold with the title of 90%. The "stabilization" allowed every citizen to exchange a fixed amount of money, at the exchange rate of 20.000 old lei to 1 new leu. The sum possible to be exchanged varied according to own's occupation between 1.5 and 7.5 milion old lei.

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