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50 lei 2014 - Tamara Ciobanu - 100 Years since Birth
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28 mm diameter, 13 g, 99.9% silver, grained edge
year 2014, circular inscription REPUBLICA MOLDOVA meaning "REPUBLIC OF MOLDAVIA" and the coat of arms of the Republic of Moldavia, in exergue horizontal line and denomination "50 LEI"
bust of the singer over a staff with some notes, inscription TAMARA CIOBANU and years 1914-1990

Issuing date: 20th of October 2014

Mintage: 500 coins

The coin belongs to Personalities series.

About Tamara Ciobanu

Tamara Ciobanu was born in 1914 in the village Berezlogi from the region of Orhei.

Tamara Ciobanu was, as the coin's certificate of authenticity restates, "one of the first exponents of the Romanian song in the Republic of Moldova from the second half of the 20th century who, through her talent and vocation, through the traditional folk music, managed to bring about the rebirth of national feelings”. She sang opera also, but her greatest success was obtained as traditional folk music singer. In the countries formerly belonging to USSR, Tamara Ciobanu is also known under her Russianized name - Ceban.

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