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5 lei 1978
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5 lei 1978 5 lei 1978
29 mm diameter, 2.8 g, aluminum, flat edge, outer pearl circle
denomination "5 LEI" and symbols of energetic and petroleum industrial activities. Ornaments: wheat ears and toothed wheel.
inscription "REPUBLICA SOCIALISTA ROMANIA" meaning "SOCIALIST REPUBLIC OF ROMANIA", year 1978 flanked on either sides by a square, Romanian coat of arms

adornments on the edge

The edge of the coin is adorned with two wavy lines, separated by a rhombus. The small diagonal of the two rhombi is vertical.

The aluminum 5 lei coin of 1978 has several variants : type 1, the tripod having equal length legs (common type), type 2, the leg at the left side (of the picture) being shorter and type 3, this time the leg at the right side (of the picture) being the short one. The information reguarding the variants as well as the explanatory pictures were provided to Romanian coins by Mr Adrian Popovici.

5 lei 1978 - details pointing the differences between types 1, 2 and 3 (from left to right)
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