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anonymous half groat
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anonymous half groat
~16 mm diameter, 0.48 g, silver
Obverse Moldavian coat of arms: urus head bearing a five ray star between its horns, the uneven ray pointing up, waning crescent at left and five petal rose at right; outer pearl circle

Reverse cross with equal arms, in the upper quarters crowns, in the lower right quarter five-ray star, in the lower left quarter crescent; outer pearl circle

The pictures of the coin above are present on Romanian coins through the kind permission of La Galerie Numismatique.

Up to the present, the ruler who struck this Moldavian coin was not clearly established. Based on the style, it is probable that the coin was struck during the reign of Alexander the Good or during one of the rules of his sons. In MBR such coins are listed as "exceptional anepigraphic issues", type known as "unknown ruler".

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