Walachian medieval ducat
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Walachian ducat - Dan I
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Walachian ducat - Dan I
diameter ~15 mm, ~0.6 g, silver
Walachian coat of arms - mountain eagle perched on a helmet; at left ensign Iω; outer pearl circle
Cyrillic legend: +IO DANOV VOEV
Coat of arms of the Basarab family(?): shield split vertically; four bars inside field one, ensign ω (greek letter omega, possibly a mint ensign) inside field two, a globule in the center of the shield; inner and outer pearl circles
Cyrillic legend: +IO DANOV VOEVODA

This Wallachian coin is present on Romanian coins through the courtesy of Mr. Gabriel Vandervort, owner of Ancient Resource.

This coin was struck for to Dan I (1383-1386), son of Radu I (~1377 - 1383), brother of Mircea the Old (1386 - 1418).

The coin seems to corrrespond to position 87 of the Monede şi bancnote româneşti by George Buzdugan, Octavian Luchian and Constantin Oprescu (1976).

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