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Istros - Sabinia Tranquillina
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Sabinia Tranquillina - Roman provincial coin from Istros - reverse Sabinia Tranquillina - Roman provincial coin from Istros - obverse
~25 mm diameter, 9? grams, AE
Reverse: sea eagle on dolphin, to the left, outer pearl circle,
from right to left inscription ICTPIH NΩN, Istrienon
Obverse: Sabinia Tranquillina wearing diadem, bust to the right, outer pearl circle and, in Greek,

The ancient coin pictures above are present on Romanian coins through the kind permission of Mr. GLV. The coin belongs to the category of provincial Roman coins, sometimes called Greek imperial. The coin corresponds to the description at number 200 in the Moushmov catalog and is described in AMNG I at position 529 (AMNG = Die antiken Münzen Nord-Griechenlands, B. Pick, 1898).

About empress Tranquillina

Furia Sabinia Tranquillina was the wife of emperor Gordian III from 241 over to his death in 244. Tranquillina was the daughter of Timesitheus, prefect of the Praetorian Guard between 241 and 243 and the real power behind the throne in that period.

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