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Tomis - 4.5 assaria - Philippus II with Serapis / Artemis
Philippus II with Serapis / Artemis - 4.5 assaria
28 mm diameter, 13.49 g, AE
Obverse: confronted busts: cuirassed and draped Philippus II to the right and draped Serapis wearing kalathos (hat) to the left, legend MAP IOVΛIOC [ΦIΛIΠΠOC KAICAP], outer pearl circle
Reverse: goddess Artemis walking to the right, wearing double chiton (tunic) and boots, with bow in extended left hand and with right hand picking an arrow from quiver, with a hound jumping to the right at her feet, legenda [MHTPO] ΠON T OVTOMEΩC, outer pearl circle

The ancient coin on the page is present on Romanian coins through the kind permission of Mr. Pavlos S. Pavlou. The coin is not described in the Moushmov or in AMNG I. In AMNG all coins of Philippus II with Serapis are considered to be 4.5 assaria.

About the legend on the obverse

The legend accompanying the busts of emperor Philippus II and of god Serapis is MAP IOVΛIOC [ΦIΛIΠΠOC KAICAP], standing for the Greek translation of Latin MARCUS IULIUS FILIPPUS CAESAR.

About Philippus II (237 - 249)

Marcus Iulius Philippus Severus was born in 238 AD. He was appointed as caesar - heir of the throne - by emperor Philip the Arab, his father, in 244 AD. In 247 he received the rank of augustus. In 249 Trajan Decius defeated Philip the Arab in battle, and the small boy Philippus was killed by the soldiers.

About Serapis

Serapis or Sarapis was a Greek-Egyptian god, closely resembling Hades. His cult was spread mainly in the Oriental part of the Roman Empire. Represented on coins, Serapis often wears kalathos - a tall hat having the shape of a basket for wheat, as symbol of prosperity.

About Artemis

Artemis (Diana at Romans) was daughter of Zeus and sister of Apollo. As goddess of hunting, she was often represented with a bow and arrows. She appears in the legends of Actaeon, Adonis and Orion. Her cult was spread into the whole Greek world, but the temple from Ephesus was the most impressive.

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