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4 assaria - Gordian III / Ares - Tomis
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4 assaria from Tomis - Gordian III / Ares - bronze - obverse 4 assaria from Tomis - Gordian III / Ares - bronze - reverse
26 mm diameter, 11 grams, AE
Obverse: Gordian III laureate, cuirassed and draped bust to the right, legend AVT K M ANT Γ OPΔIANOC AVΓ (with ligature between V and Γ), outer pearl circle
Reverse: Ares standing, with head to the left, wearing armor, mantle and boots, with right hand over a shield, with spear pointing down in the left hand, (Δ) into the field, legend MHTPO Π ΠON T OY TOMEΩC, outer pearl circl

The ancient coin pictures above are present on Romanian coins through the kind permission of Mr. Răzvan Dobrin. The coin corresponds to the description at number 2210 in the Moushmov catalog and is described in AMNG I at position 3416 (AMNG = Die antiken Münzen Nord-Griechenlands, B. Pick, 1898).

About Ares

Ares (Mars at Romans) was the god of war, son of Zeus and Hera.

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