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great god / horse protomes - APTE - Tomi - Greek coin
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great god / horse protomes - APTE - Tomi - ovberse great god / horse protomes - APTE - Tomi - reverse
14 mm diameter, 2.3 grams, gold
Obverse: head of Great God (Zeus?), with beard and wearing diadem, to the right
Reverse: two protomes (frontal part) of galloping horses, one after another, in the upper field TO, above APTE

The images of this coin are present on Romanian coins thanks to Mr Răzvan Dobrin. The coin corresponds to the description at number 1734 in the Moushmov catalog. The coin is presented at number 2441 in AMNG I (AMNG = Die antiken Münzen Nord-Griechenlands, B. Pick, 1898). Probably the coin was issued into the 2nd century BC, and ARTE is the first part of the name of the official that coordinated the issue.

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