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About this circulation coin set

This circulation coin set issued by the National Bank of Moldova comprises the aluminum coins: 1 ban 2004, 5 bani 2005, 10 bani 2005, 25 bani 2005 and the brass 50 bani 2003. All of them are regular business strike coins. None of them was struck in proof quality or has the obverse and reverse in medal style.

The set also includes a nickel plated brass anniversary 10 lei coin issued in 2003 and dedicated to the Feast of the Wine.

The circulation coin set, the first issued by the Republic of Moldavia, is strikingly similar to the Romanian coin sets. The difference is that Romanian coin sets of every year comprize beside the regular values (proof struck) a special medal, whereas the Moldavian set features an "anniversary" coin of the 10 lei.

We do not know how many sets were made. As you can see in the pictures, the set does not have any serial number. Obviously no more than 3000 sets exist, because the 10 lei Feast of the Wine coin has a declared maximum mintage of 3000 pieces.

We did not manage to find when this set appeared officially on the market. In spite of its composition - containing coins from several years, 2003, 2004 and 2005 - it is most probably issued in August 2008, no evidence of it existing before this date. As an interesting detail, the national Moldavian Bank invoiced two different bills for the set, one for sum of the coins face values and one for the commercialization of the set.

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