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100 lei 1998 - France 1998 FIFA World Cup - monetary pattern (3)
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37 mm diameter ?, ? g, flat edge
face value 100 LEI, ROMANIA, year 1998, coat of arms of Romania, a football with inscriptions CAP SERIE meaning SEEDED TEAM (above) and GRUPA-G meaning GROUP G (below)
inscriptions CAMPIONATUL MONDIAL DE FOTBAL and FRANTA '98 meaning FOOTBALL WORLD CUP and FRANCE '98, Eiffel Tower from Paris, a football and the Gallic rooster (as an unofficial symbol of the French nation)

The pattern pictures above are present on Romanian coins through the kind permission of Mr C.C. From Germany.

Mr Erwin Schäffer described this pattern as P-437 in his catalog [1].

Inside the paper "Proiecte de monede și medalii emise de Banca Națională a României în anii 1997 - 1999” (Projects of coins and medals issued by National Bank of Romania in years 1997 - 1999) [2], published in 2002, Mr Ștefan Ursachi mentioned that he made six 6 drawings for the two faces of the coin dedicated to the France 1998 FIFA World Cup. On this pattern appears the drawings with No. 4 and No. 5, used for the obverse and the reverse.

Finally the NBR have chosen another design for the 100 lei 1998 coins issued with numismatic purpose.


1. Schäffer E., România. Proiecte, probe monetare și catalogul probelor emise. Designs, pattern coins and catalogue of issued coins, 1990 - 2014. vol. II, Guttenbrunn, 2015.

2. Ursachi Ș., Proiecte de monede și medalii emise de Banca Națională a României în anii 1997 - 1999, Cercetări Numismatice VIII, 2002, p. 415...432.

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