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100 lei 1999 - monetary pattern
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20 mm diameter, aluminum, ~1.35 g, flat edge
denomination "100 LEI", one laurel and one oak branch
ROMANIA, Romanian coat of arms, year 1998, near the year V G, initials of the engraver Vasile Gabor, one laurel and one oak branch

The pattern pictures above are taken from a renowned auction site, through the kind permission of the owner.

Mr Erwin Schäffer described this pattern as P-489 in his catalog [1], however Constantin Dumitrescu is mentioned as engraver in [1].


1. Schäffer E., România. Proiecte, probe monetare și catalogul probelor emise. Designs, pattern coins and catalogue of issued coins, 1990 - 2014. vol. II, Guttenbrunn, 2015.

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