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10 lei 2009 - Economic and Monetary Union - 10 Years
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10 lei 2009 - Economic and Monetary Union - 10 Years 10 lei 2009 - Economic and Monetary Union - 10 Years
37 mm diameter, 31.103 g, 99.9% silver, reeded edge
Obverse: face value "10 LEI", map of the European Union over a frosted band (the EU member states that use euro were represented with frosted surface), ROMANIA and coat of arms of Romania, inscription "UNIUNEA ECONOMICA SI MONETARA" meaning "ECONOMIC AND MONETARY UNION"
Reverse: inscription "10 ANI - UEM 1999 - 2009" meaning "10 YEARS - EMU", over a frosted band an outline of an ancient coin and a stylized human figure holding an € symbol (of the European currency) with the extended left hand

Issuing date: 16th of January 2009

Mintage: 1000 coins

The 10 lei 2009 coin pictures above are present on the site through the permission of an anonymous donor. These pictures, like all other pictures displayed on Romanian coins / Monede româneşti, cannot be used in any circumstances to illustrate auctions or sales and cannot be posted on other web page without the permission of the owner.

About the coins

The design on the reverse is the work of Greek sculptor George Stamatopoulos. The design appears on all anniversary coins of 2 euros issued in 2009 by the member states of Economic and Monetary Union (EMU), and was chosen after a public ballot over the internet.


After some interpretations (coin's leaflet and some web pages), the drawing on the reverse intends to represent the "long history of commerce, starting with barter and leading to the euro". The wavy contour may suggest an ancient coin, and the childish style of the drawing might hint that euro is still in its youth. We could accept that the two elements represent the history of the coin from its beginning up to the present. But the connection to barter is still cloudy to us.

This coin is the third one representing the map of the European Union after 500 lei 2007 - Romania joining the EU and 10 lei 2007 - the 50th Anniversary of the Treaty of Rome. We have enough pieces with the map of EU. We hope for the future that the NBR will prove more creativity and originality and use other elements for designing anniversary coins.

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