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10 lei gold 2010 - Hoard of Someșeni
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13.92 mm diameter, 1.224 g, 99.9% gold, grained edge
Obverse: ROMANIA, face value "10 LEI", coat of arms of Romania, year 2010, a ring and a pendant from the hoard, three pearl arches
Reverse: the gold pectoral (ornamental platelike item usually worn on the chest, sometimes with apotropaic role), the most spectacular object from the hoard, inscription "TEZAURUL DE LA SOMESENI" meaning "SOMESENI HOARD" and two pearl arches

Issuing date: 10th of February 2010

Mintage: 500 coins

About the hoard of Someșeni

The hoard discovered in 1963 at Someșeni in the Cluj county is dated in the 5th century AD. Most probably all the objects belonged to a Gepid noble, or maybe to a Gepid princess. Nowadays the hoard - that was only partially recovered in 1964 by the Romanian authorities - still comprises a pectoral, several pendants, rings, beads, a buckle, several fragments of bracelets and necklaces. Many objets from the hoard were destroyed by the discoverers.

After emperor Aurelian retreated the Roman legions from Dacia, this province was occupied by migratory peoples. One of these was the people of the Gepids, a Germanic people that migrated from the region of the mouths of River Vistula towards Dacia, where they settled after 336 AD, i.e. by the time the province had been abandoned by the Vandals, who left the region heading to Italy. From the Germanic peoples that ruled over Dacia (Vandals, Goths, Gepids) several impressive hoards remained, as the hoards of Apahida and Someșeni (county of Cluj) and the one from Pietroasa (county of Buzău).

The History of gold series comprises four pieces of 500 lei from 2001 (featuring the golden cache of Pietroasa), three 100 lei coins from 1999 (and from 2002 and 2003 too) with the Dacian helmet of Poiana-Coțofenești, from 2003 with an eagle from Apahida, from 2004 with the Cantacuzinian engolpion and several of 10 new lei from 2005 with the Perșinari hoard, from 2006 with the Cucuteni-Băiceni hoard, from 2007 with the rhyton of Poroina, from 2008 with the Hinova hoard, from 2010 with the Someșeni hoard, from 2011 with the buckle of Curtea de Argeș and with the cross from Dinogetia and from 2012 with the patera from Pietroasa Hoard.

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