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10 lei 2011 - ASTRA Cultural Society - 150 Years since Establishment
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ASTRA Cultural Society - 150 Years since Establishment - 10 lei 2011 ASTRA Cultural Society - 150 Years since Establishment - 10 lei 2011
31 mm diameter, 31.103 g, 99.9% silver, grained edge
Obverse: ROMANIA, face value "10 LEI", coat of arms of Romania, year 2011, inside inner linear circle an image of the Astra palace of Sibiu and a bust of metropolitan Andrei Șaguna, on his chest inscription "Andrei Saguna", outside the linear circle inscription "150 DE ANI DE LA INFIINTAREA SOCIETATII ASTRA DIN SIBIU" meaning "150 YEARS SINCE THE ESTABLISHMENT OF ASTRA SOCIETY FROM SIBIU"
Reverse: inner linear circle, inside the logo of ASTRA, three superimposed busts of three important members of the society - Cipariu, Barițiu and Pușcariu, inscriptions "T. Cipariu - G. Baritiu - I. Puscariu" and "PRIMUL STATUT AL ASTREI" meaning "FIRST STATUTE OF ASTRA", outside linear circle inscription "ASOCIATIUNEA TRANSILVANA PENTRU LITERATURA ROMANA SI CULTURA POPORULUI ROMAN" meaning "TRANSYLVANIAN ASSOCIATION FOR ROMANIAN LITERATURE AND CULTURE OF THE ROMANIAN PEOPLE" and · 1861 · - the year when the society was established

Issuing date: 14th of November 2011

Mintage: 500 coins

About Astra Cultural Society from Sibiu

The Transylvanian Association for Romanian Literature and Culture of the Romanian People - ASTRA - was founded in October 1861 at Sibiu, by an assembly to which the most important Romanian intellectuals from Transylvania participated. The first president of Astra was bishop Andrei Șaguna. The association established a library and a publication named "Transilvania". The statute of the association was written by Timotei Cipariu, George Barițiu and Ioan Pușcariu. In 1903 Astra inaugurated a new headquarters in Sibiu - national house of the Association, in which the Historical and Etnographical Museum of the Association was established. Astra supported the publication of many books in Romanian and, during many years, opened several sections, in various domains. The role of Astra in the development of the national awareness of the Romanians inside Austria-Hungary was a very important one.

In 1950 Astra was closed by the communist regime, through a decision adopted by the Council of Ministers. In 1990 Astra was reestablished, and nowadays the society has numerous sections, even in Moldavia (e.g. ASTRA sections "Ioan Sîrbu" from Criuleni, "Trajan's Wall" from Tighina, "Mihail Kogălniceanu" from Iași).

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