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50 bani, 1 leu, 10 and 100 lei 2017 - 150 years since the establishment of a new monetary system and the minting of national coins
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23.75 mm diameter, 6.1 g, brass - 80% copper, 15% zinc, 5% nickel, flat edge, with inscription ROMANIA (two times)
Obverse: ROMANIA, face value 50 BANI, year 2017, coat of arms of Romania, inner linear circle, images of the four coins bearing the year 1867, inscription "SISTEMUL MONETAR NATIONAL - 150 ANI" meaning "NATIONAL MONETARY SYSTEM - 150 YEARS" between two small rhombi
Reverse: inside inner linear circle an image of prince Carol, inscription CAROL I, year 1867

Issuing date: 26th of April 2017

Mintage: 5000 coins

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