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10 lei 2022 - writer Fănuș Neagu - 90 Years Since Birth
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37 mm diameter, 31.103 g, 99.9% silver, reeded edge
Obverse: ROMANIA, coat of arms of Romania, face value 10 LEI, year 2022, ROMANIA, stema României, valoarea nominală 10 LEI, anul 2022, memorial house Fănuș Neagu în Grădiștea, county of Brăila, a small fragment from the novel "Îngerul a strigat" (The Angel Cried), in handwriting
Reverse: bust and signature of Fănuș Neagu, years 1932 and 2011 of writer's life, some titles of his writings: DINCOLO DE NISIPURI, NINGEA IN BARAGAN, INGERUL A STRIGAT, Cartea cu prieteni, In vapaia lunii (Beyond the Sands, It Snowed in Bărăgan, The Angel Cried, The Book of Friends, Moon Flame), inscription 90 DE ANI DE LA NASTERE meaning 90 YEARS SINCE BIRTH

Issuing date: 12th of December 2022

Maximum mintage: 5,000 coins

"Dincolo de nisipuri" (Beyond the Sands) is the name of the movie made after the novel "Îngerul a strigat" (The Angel Cried) and released in 1974. The screenplay was written by Fănuș Neagu.

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