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10 lei 2022 - Moldavian Chronicler Ion Neculce - 350 Years since Birth
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37 mm diameter, 31.103 g, 99.9% silver, reeded edge
Obverse: ROMANIA, coat of arms of Romania, face value 10 LEI, year 2022, Putna Monastery and an image of prince Stephen the Great of Moldavia, in the center a fragment from "O samă de cuvinte" (A Bunch of Words or Sundry Tales) with the beginning of the third legend - about the founding of Putna Monastery
Reverse: a hand holding a quill, a fragment from tyhe beginning of an old manuscript of "O samă de cuvinte", inscriptions "350 DE ANI DE LA NASTERE" meaning "350 YEARS SINCE BIRTH" and ION NECULCE

Issuing date: 16th of May 2022

Maximum mintage: 5,000 coins

In the images below is the wooden church built in 1973 on the old site of the church founded by the chronicler himself. The old church was moved in 1885 to the neighboring village of Prigorenii Vechi, today Ion Neculce. In 1934 a new church was built on the site of the moved one, replaced by the current one in 1973. Next to the current church is the tomb of the chronicler (probably he was buried in the church he founded, according to the custom of the time). The images of the church in 2023 differ from the older ones on the Internet. Above the entrance the roof has been patched with metal sheets, covering the place where the belfry used to be.

The bust of Ion Neculce near the church is the work of the Romanian sculptor Iftimie Bârleanu (1916 - 1986), who also made the statue of Stephen the Great from Vaslui.

On the pedestal of the bust is a fragment from the concluding part of Predoslovia (Foreword) of the Letopisețul Țării Moldovei (Chronicle of the Land of Moldavia), the chronicle written by Ion Neculce: "Deci, fraților cetitorilor, cu cît veți îndemna a ceti pre acest letopisățŭ mai mult, cu atîta veți ști a vă feri de primejdii și veți fi mai învățați [...]", meaning "So, fellow readers, as much as you will you urge to read these annals moreover, the more you will know how to protect yourself from dangers and you will be more learned [...]".

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