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1 para / 3 dengas 1772 - MON. MOLD: I VALAK.
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~29 mm diameter, ~11 g, copper?
Obverse: two inclined oval shields, in the left shield the aurochs head of Moldavia, in the right one the Walachian eagle with Patriarchal cross in its beak, sitting on crown, ground lines, waning moon to the right, above the shields a princely crown, in exergue horizontal line and year 1772, in the upper part semicircular inscription MON. MOLD: I VALAK., in Russian; outer toothed circle
Reverse: Cyrillic inscription PARA (underlined with one or two close lines) 3 DENGI inside a square with the sides made of torsades; outer toothed circle edge adorned with vegetal motif

The images of this coin are present on the site by courtesy of eBay user flying_bostonian, owner of store "RUSSIAN MINOR AND WORLD COIN”,

Almost all 1 para / 3 denghi coins bear year 1772 and legend MON. MOLD: I VALOSK. A small amount of coins were struck in 1772 with legend MON. MOLD: I VALAK. - legend that had been used on 1 para / 3 denghi of year 1771.

It is assumable that at the beginning of year 1772 a decision was taken to have the legend modified, and the part bearing the 1771 legend, struck in 1772, would be the first 1 para / 3 denghi coins struck in 1772.

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