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2000 lei 2002 - 200th anniversary of the birth of Ion Heliade Rădulescu
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35 mm diameter, 25 grams, 15 grams 99.9% gold ring, 10 grams 99.9% silver kernel, proof quality, grained edge
Obverse: on the golden ring: denomination 2000 LEI (lower region) and ROMANIA (upper region) separated by four rhombi on each side; on silver core Romanian coat of arms, year 2002 and poetry lyre
Reverse: bust of the writer and, along the golden ring inscription ION HELIADE RADULESCU 1802 1872; the years are framed by two rhombi and between them lies the autograph

Issuing date: 27th of May 2002

Mintage: 500 coins

George Călinescu, in his History of Romanian Literature, stated that Ion Eliade Rădulescu is the second largest personality of Romanian literature after Moldavian prince Dimitrie Cantemir (chronologically speaking, of course).

He learnt classical Greek with several teachers, then took lessons at Gheorghe Lazăr's topographic engineer school. He was by excelence an autodidact, not having the chance to study in a university.

In 1828 he printed at Sibiu (therefore in Transylvania), in Cyrillic letters, a Romanian Grammar. His activity as journalist, translator, editor and typographer (he bought a typography in 1830) was extremely prolific and had a great impact on Romanian society. The one dedicating a study on the Aromanian dialect, during a time when nothing precise was known about the presence of the Romanian element in Macedonia was known, is again Ion Heliade Rădulescu. He asserted the existence of dialects inside the Romanian language, the Moldavian, Transylvanian, Banatian and Oltenian languages making up one of those dialects and not at all separate ones.

In 1833 he became member of the Philharmonic Society.

In 1848 he participated to the Revolution, playing an important role. He is the one that read at Izlaz the revolutionist Proclamation (the Constitution). During the Revolution he was member of the Provisional Government and later on was member of the princely lieutenancy. Starting then Heliade began wearing his famous voivodal white cape, fact that led someones into thinking he was aiming at princedom. He took to the exile ones the Revolution defeated.

In 1866 a national reward was voted for him by the Parliament and a pension of 20.000 lei per year, in 1867 being elected president of the newly founded Academic Society.

In the beginning of his career he considered that Romanian writing should be phonetical; influenced by Transylvanian Latinizers, later on, he concluded that Romanian and Italian are branches of the same language and therefore writing must be made etymologically.

The gold and silver coin and the aluminum essay pictures above are present on Romanian coins through the kind permission of an anonymous donor.

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