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20 lei 1991 - 1996
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24 mm diameter, 5 g, brass plated steel,
flat edge
denomination "20 LEI" and year 1996, a wreath formed by six stylized oak leaves, a sector of 15 pearls above
ROMANIA, ȘTEFAN CEL MARE meaning STEPHEN THE GREAT, two seven pearl sectors, bust of Stephen the Great and the Holy. Over the left shoulder lies C.D. standing for Constantin Dumitrescu, the engraver's name.

Issuing date: 9th of September 1991

Mintage: 43.200.000 coins in 1991

               48.000.000 coins in 1992

               33.800.000 coins in 1993

                 5.000.000 coins in 1994

                 8.000.000 coins in 1995

                    500.000 coins in 1996

The coin struck in 1996 is rare, being struck only 500.000 pieces. In 1994 and 1995 were struck several milions and in the others tens of milions of coins. The 1991 coins were released into circulation on 9th of September that year. The information concerning the estimated mintage figures for the coins struck after 1989 is given after "Standard Catalog of World Coins", editor G. Cuhaj.

The great Moldavian voivod is also present on other Romanian coins: 500 lei 1941 - Liberation of the enthralled Moldavia, 5000 lei 2004 - Stephen the Great's Death Quincentenary, 1 leu, 5 and 100 lei 2007 - 550 years since the enthronement of Stephen the Great in Moldavia and 10 lei 2008 - Voroneț Monastery.

Stephen the Great also appears on several coin issued by the Republic of Moldavia: 100 lei 2000 - 525 years from the battle of Vaslui and 100 lei 2004 - 500 years since his death.

The 20 lei 1992 and 1994 nickel plated steel essays above are present on Romanian coins through the kind permission of Mr. sebii.

Numerous statues honor today the memory of Stephen the Great. The statues of Iași, Piatra Neamț, Suceava, Chișinău and Huși can be seen in the picture below. In the last picture several statues are presented: the statue from the center of the city of Vaslui, the monument from Podu Înalt near Vaslui, the statue from Podu Înalt (detail) and the second statue of Stephen the Great from Iași, on the Copou hill.

The equestrian statue from Podu Înalt near Vaslui - work of Romanian artist Mircea Ștefanescu - is the biggest statue of Stephen, having almost 7 meters high and weighing 19 tons. In addition, the statue is placed on a 8 meters high socle. The socle is placed atop a hill near the road. In front of the monument burns a flame of eternal gratitude dedicated to the great hero of Romanians.

In the county of Iași several busts of Stephen the Great exist. Above are pictured the ones from the yard of Dobrovăț Monastery, from Hîrlău and Cotnari. Another bust of Stephen the Great is in Borzești, in the county of Bacău.

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