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2 bani 1867
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2 bani 1867 Watt & Co. 2 bani 1867 Watt & Co.
20 mm diameter, 2 g, copper 95%, tin 4%, zinc 1%, flat edge, outer pearl circle
denomination "2 BANI" and year 1867 inside a wreath formed by a laurel branch (left) and an oak branch (right); below the ribbon that ties the branches lies the mint name
inscription ROMANIA and the Romanian coat of arms; outer pearl circle

Mintage: 5.000.000 coins (Heaton)

Mintage: 5.000.000 coins (Watt & Co.)

2 bani 1867 Heaton 2 bani 1867 Heaton

About the mints where the 1867 coins were struck

The four coins struck in 1867 were made by two mints: Heaton in Birmingham and Watt & Co. also from Birmingham, so that there are two sets of slightly different coins. On the lower reverse we can read the mint name, Heaton or Watt & Co., except for the 1 ban coin struck by Heaton which for lack of space has only an H. The sides are placed as on medals, the normal viewing positions pointing likewise.

Watt & Co. mint Heaton mint

Watt & Co. mint

Heaton mint

About the gold replica of 2 BANI 1867 (issued in 2007)

Into 2007 140 years were commemorated from the voting of "Legea pentru īnfiintarea unui nou sistem monetar si pentru fabricarea monetelor nationale" (Law for establishing a new monetary system and for manufacturing national coins) by the Parliament of Romania. With this occasion the National Bank of Romania issued a set of four replicas of 1 BANU, 2 BANI, 5 BANI and 10 BANI 1867.

All the replicas are made from gold (with title 99.9%) and have the same diameter as the original coins. The replicas are heavier than the original coins: 1.75, 3.5, 8.75 and 17.2 grams instead of 1, 2, 5 and 10 grams. Each coin was issued in a mintage of 250 pieces. Under the ribbon that ties the laurel and oak branches lies an R from replica instead the name of the mint.

The replicas are made at B.U. quality. The term BU - brilliant uncirculated - means uncirculated coin with the mint luster intact. In order to obtain a BU coin the dies are carefully polished. The blanks are also polished, in this way the coins having a luster far superior to the luster of the common uncirculated coins.

The 2 bani 1867 coins pictures above and the detailed pictures with the mint names are present on Romanian coins through the kind permission of an anonymous donor.

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