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5000 lei 2003 - Bran Castle
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35 mm diameter, 31.103 g, gold 99,9%, flat edge
Obverse: ROMANIA, year 2003, ornamental line, shield comprising Romanian coat of arms (at right), coat of arms of the town of Brașov (at left) and two vegetal ornaments, denomination value 5000 LEI
Reverse: imagine of the Bran castle, shield displaying years 1378 and 2003, circular inscription 625 DE ANI DE LA INCEPEREA CONSTRUCTIEI, and, on a scarf, CASTELUL BRAN, meaning 625 YEARS SINCE CONSTRUCTION COMMENCEMENT and BRAN CASTLE

Issuing date: 20th of Octomber 2003

Mintage: 250 coins

The coin belongs to the Christian Feudal Art Monuments series, 250 having been minted only.

The castle of Bran was raised to oversee the commercial route linking Brașov and Cîmpulung, an important customs office being settled here. Located in Transylvania, it was owned by Mircea the Old (1386 -1418), that himself had received it from Sigismund of Luxemburg (king of Hungary between 1387 and 1437), most probably in 1395, as result of the friendship and alliance treaty concluded at Brașov by the two sovereigns. In 1427 the castle returned again to the possession of Sigismund.

In 1920, after the Great Union, Bran Castle became property of Queen Marie of Romania. After the death of the queen the castle was inherited by one of her daughters, princess Ileana (1908 - 1991). During the communist period the castle was nationalized, being turned into a museum. In 2006 the castle was retroceded to the offsprings of princess Ileana.

The gold coin pictures above are present on Romanian coins through the kind permission of an anonymous donor.

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