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50 bani 1922 - monetary pattern
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21 mm diameter, 1.1 g, aluminum, flat edge
denomination "50 BANI", crown and, hardly visible, HUGUENIN (incuse)
wing spread eagle holding a cross in its beak, ROMANIA and year 1922

The pattern pictures above are present on Romanian coins through the kind permission of Mr. J. Ardelean.

This piece is virtually identical with the circulation coin of 50 bani 1921, but the year is 1922.

Exceptionally, the mintage figures for this pattern are known. A table with the mintage figures struck at Huguenin for Romania was published in [2] (the original documents from Huguenin Frères & Co., filled in 1924 or later, having been obtained by Mr. Bogdan Stambuliu, numismatist from Geneva).

In conformity with the mentioned table [2], patterns of 50 bani 1922 were struck only from an alloy named "thuna" in French, namely, 90 pieces having 21 milimeters in diameter and 100 pieces with 21.5 milimeters in diameter.

But patterns made from brass and nickel are listed in [1] - so the information in [2] can be inaccurate.


1. Schäffer E., Stambuliu B., România. Proiecte, probe monetare și catalogul monedelor emise. (Romania, Designs, Patterns, Coins and Catalogue of Issued Coins) Galeria numismatică. Bucharest, 2009.

2. Știrbu Constanța, Pârvan Katiușa, Unele date noi privind proiectele și probele monetare executate pentru România de casa de medalii Huguenin-Frères din Elveția. (Some Data Regarding Projects and Coin Proofs Struck for Romania by the Huguenin Frères Le Locle House from Switzerland) Acta Moldaviae Meridionalis - Annual of the "Ștefan cel Mare" County Museum of Vaslui, XII-XIV, 1990-1992, p. 419-430.

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