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50 lei 2010 - Traditional Musical Instruments
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30 mm diameter, 16.5 g, 99.9% silver, grained edge
year 2010, circular inscription REPUBLICA MOLDOVA meaning "REPUBLIC OF MOLDAVIA" and the coat of arms of the Republic of Moldavia, in exergue horizontal line and denomination "50 LEI"
several traditional musical instruments - a violin, a bagpipe, three flutes and three panpipes, inscription "INSTRUMENTE MUZICALE TRADIȚIONALE" meaning "TRADITIONAL MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS"

Issuing date: 3rd of August 2010

Mintage: 500 coins

Until today (January 2013) the series Holidays, culture, traditions comprises the following 50 lei silver coins: pottery in 2007, cooperage in 2008, weaving in 2009, traditional musical instruments in 2010, carroling - colindul in 2011, Sînzienele and Miorița ballad in 2012. To the same series belongs a nickel plated brass coin - 10 lei 2003 - Celebration of the Wine.

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