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5 bani 1966
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5 bani 1966 5 bani 1966
16 mm diameter, 1.7 g, 95% steel plated with 5% nickel, flat edge
denomination "5 BANI" and year 1966
Romanian coat of arms (new 1965 model)

In 1965 (on August 21st) Romania changed its official name from Romanian People's Republic to the Socialist Republic of Romania. The coat of arms changed accordingly, the name on the coat being switched from R. P. R. (standing for Republica Populară Română) to Republica Socialistă România.

In the monograph Monede și bancnote românești (Buzdugan, Luchian and Oprescu, 1977) these coins are presumed to be made from nickel. It seems to be in fact nickel plated steel. The rust on the edge of the heavy worn coins is a good argument in support of the steel core, because nickel is very resistant to corrosion.

All coins with year 1966 were released into circulation starting with year 1967. Officially, all communist coins introduced into circulation starting from the monetary reform of 1952 - so the 5 bani 1966 inclusive - mantained circulatory power until December 31st 1996. After this date all these coins were out of circulation, in conformity with the National Bank of Romania circular no. 33 from December 2nd 1996 (published in the Official Gazette no. 347/1996, 1st part).

In the book Monetele României (Coins of Romania, by Iliescu and Radovici, 2004, actually written in 1969) is mentioned that this coin was struck in 1967 - 1968 also, all coins bearing the same year 1966. Until 1968 106.881.000 coins were struck. It is almost a certitude that these coins were struck after 1968 also.

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