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21 mm diameter, 3.35 g, nickel plated steel, flat edge
ROMANIA, denomination "5 · LEI ·", a pearl above 5 and three oak leaves at left and at right. Along the rim at four o'clock lies C.D. standing for Constantin Dumitrescu, the engraver's name.
year 1994 and Romanian coat of arms. Along the rim at five o'clock lies V.G. standing for Vasile Gabor, the engraver's name.

Issuing date: 21st of December 1992

Mintage: 30.000.000 coins in 1992

               70.000.000 coins in 1993

               10.000.000 coins in 1994

               25.000.000 coins in 1995

This coin was issued on 21st of December 1992. The information concerning the estimated mintage figures for the coins struck after 1989 is given after "Standard Catalog of World Coins", editor G. Cuhaj.

The 5 lei coin was not struck in 1996; even if we have in our possession coins of 1 leu, 20, 50 and 100 lei struck then same year.

Below there are the pictures of a die essay for the 5 lei of 1993. The essay is struck in a copper-base alloy and was not cut, showing in an octagonal shape. On Romanian Coins you can also see several patterns for 5 lei from 1991.

5 lei 1993 - die essay

The essay images above are present on Romanian coins as courtesy of Mr Adrian Popovici.

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