Grand Casino Iași token
42.6 mm, 11.92 g, white plastic with blue insertions
in the middle denomination value €500, inscription GRAND CASINO IASI, three 7-ray stars, with different dimensions - casino's logo, the outer ring bearing each the ensigns of one suit
as on the other face, but the inner disk is rotated with 90 degrees

About Grand Casino in Iași

According to the information available on the Internet, Grand Casino Iași functioned between 2004 and 2009 in the same building with Europa Hotel.

According to the official site of the Grand Casino Romania company (which also operates two casinos in Bucharest), it is possible to play in lei or in US dollars. Two types of token were mentioned: value tokens and colored tokens (the last, used at the tables, and exchangeable for value tokens, that at their turn can be exchanged for cash).

Despite this information on the company's site, mentioning that all the games are held in $ on in lei, on the Internet one can find pictures of Grand Casino tokens marked in euro - 2.5 € and 500 €. In the monograph "Romania. Jetoane, semne valorice și mărci. Tokens, Tags and Chips" (2012, written by Mr. Erwin Schäffer) tokens of 1 and 5 € are also presented.

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