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Since its first release the site has grown richer and richer in information of various kinds, gaining in size up to a point where jumping towards a specific coin or article was about to become quite tricky both for new guests and old friends. Something had to be done and to keep our visitors at ease!

You have the possibility to perform an in-site search within Monede româneşti/Romanian coins for the exact pages that interest you. For searching we chose the Google engine, as it is something everybody is already familiar with. Practically, every site page is indexed by Google, so that you should be able to find with no trouble at all any Romanian coin or piece of information desired. However, as Google does not index daily the sites inside its database, the newest info might no be instantaneously reachable through this search engine.

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Did not you find the coin you were searching for inside the site? The tips below might help you!

- The latest coins on the site can be always found in the news table displayed on the main page.

- Every coin featured by Monede româneşti/Romanian coins is accessible from the sitemap. There you can find shortcuts to all Romanian coin types and not only. Shortcuts to antic coins struck on the today's territory of Romania, medieval coins struck in Moldavia, Walachia and Transylvania, coins issued by the Republic of Moldavia as well as coins circulating on the eastern strip of the later (Transnistria), as well as to Romanian tokens can also be found there.

- Circulation and anniversary coins can be accessed from the selection page, scrolling the menus on the left.

- Patterns, essays, errors and fakes featured on the site can be accessed from their own centralizer.

- Last chance: write us personally and we will try to guide towards what you are looking for!

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