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gros - Stephen IV
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gros - Stephen IV gros - Stephen IV
18 mm diameter, ~1 g, silver plated
Obverse inside an inner pearl circle an asymmetrical shield with Moldavian coat of arms: urus head bearing a five ray star between its horns, the uneven ray pointing up, waning crescent at left and five petal rose at right, the odd petal pointing up (heraldic positioning). Cyrillic legend: + IO STEFANA VOEVODA GOSPO
Reverse inside a pearl circle: asymmetrical shield bearing a double cross with anchor ended arms, at left and right five petal roses.
Cyrillic legend: + DAR * ZEMLI MOLDAVSCOI

The pictures of the Moldavian medieval coins from Stephen IV (Little Stephen) are present on the site through the permission of an anonymous donor.

The first coin was silver plated. On the lower part of the reverse a certain exfoliation of the better title silver coating with which a lower title core was covered can be observed. That was a technique not so seldom used in Moldavia of the time. The other two seem to be silvered. The coin legend can be translated as "John Stephen voivod master of the Land of Moldavia".

Stephen IV (named Stephen the Young in the cronicle of Grigore Ureche, because he was not have more than 14 years old at his assertion of the throne of Moldavia) was the son of Bogdan III and nephew of Stephen the Great. He ruled Moldavia between 1517 and 1527. In 1523, after the execution of boyar Luca Arbore for presumed treachery, he got in conflict with a faction of boyars. In 1526 he married Stana, one of the daughters of Neagoe Basarab, reigning prince of Walachia. Stephen IV was buried at Putna Monastery. John Voivod the Frightful, who ruled Moldavia between 1572 and 1574, was an illegitimate son of Stephen IV.

gros - Stephen IV gros - Stephen IV
gros - Stephen IV gros - Stephen IV

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