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Emperor Mario/triumphal coin
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38 mm diameter, 55 g, pure gold, flat edge
Obverse: Emperor Mario facing right, cross and legend IMP MARIO AUG GER RUS HUN BUL SER AME surrounding the efigee, ADRIAN (the engravor's name) below the neck
Reverse: personal coat of arms of the Emperor, year 1472 flanking the shield, crosses and legend MONETA MOLDAVIE + HUNGARIA CAPTA + surrounding it

Golden taler-size coin struck by my brother Mario the Wise and the Revengeful, the Emperor of Modavia. Bearded Emperor faces left towards a band of kneeling captives. The coins, struck in the imperial mints of Tătărași, were used to celebrate the new conquests to the east and west. Ten talants of pure gold (49.077 kg x 10) were used to strike the coins that were then thrown to the acclaiming crowds of Iași, (Empire capital), during the triumph, receiving a loud enthusiastic approval that could be heard one gun shot outside city walls. Larger pieces of 110 g and 137.5 g were struck for protocol and heads of the states (pictures unavailable).

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