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100 lei 1996 England
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100 lei 1996 UEFA European Football Championship England - obverse 100 lei 1996 UEFA European Football Championship England - reverse
37 mm diameter, 27 grams, Ag 92.5%, proof quality, flat edge
Obverse: ROMANIA, denomination "10 Lei", Romanian Coat of Arms and year 1996 between two laurel branches. At the lower-left coat of arms lies V.G. standing for Vasile Gabor, the engraver's name.
Reverse: a stylized football (part from the logo of the 1996 UEFA European Football Championship in England), at left and at right football game scenes, Championship logo, football players, EURO 96 and legend "CAMPIONATUL EUROPEAN DE FOTBAL • ANGLIA" meaning "EUROPEAN FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIP • ENGLAND", filled with four five-ray stars separated by pearls

Issuing date: 14th of June 1996

Mintage (maximum): 11.500 coins

Apart from the FAO 100 lei in 1995, all Romanian silver and gold anniversary coins have two regions of roughness. The lower region is a shiny, mirroring one, whereas the higher, (corresponding to the details, letters, digits), has been polished in order to obtain a somewhat frosty gloss.

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