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100 lei 2012 - George Barițiu - 200 Years since Birth
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21 mm diameter, 6.452 g, 90% gold, grained edge
Obverse: ROMANIA, face value 10 Lei, year 2012, coat of arms of Romania, images with the headers of three of his publications: Observatorul, Gazeta de Transilvania, Foaie pentru Minte, Inimă și Literatură
Reverse: effigy of Barițiu, years 1812 and 1893, inscription "George Baritiu"

Issuing date: 10th of September 2012

Mintage: 250 coins

About George Barițiu (or Bariț), Transylvanian Publicist, Historian and Politician

George Bariț was born at Jucu de Jos, near Cluj, in 1812. His father was a Greek Catholic priest. George Bariț studied theology at Blaj, and then settled at Brașov, where he worked as a teacher at a Romanian high school.

Barițiu is the founder of Transylvanian press in Romanian language. In 1838 he founded at Brașov Gazeta de Transilvania (which later on bore the name Gazeta Transilvană and Gazeta Transilvaniei), which in the first years had weekly or twice a week issues. Between 1838 and 1865 Gazeta has published a literary supplement called Foaie pentru Minte, Inimă și Literatură [Sheet for Mind, Heart and Literature].

George Barițiu participated to 1848 Revolution in Transylvania. He was one of the vice-presidents of the Great National Assembly from Blaj.

In 1861 he participated to the foundation of the ASTRA society - Transylvanian Association for Romanian Literature and Culture of the Romanian People. He was the first secretary of the society, being later elected president, position he held between 1888 and 1893.

Barițiu was one of the founding members of the Romanian Academy.

Observatorul (The Observer) publication was founded at Sibiu in 1878 and was issued over to 1885.

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