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100 roubles 2012
Saint Andrew Church from Tiraspol
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32 mm diameter, 14.14 g, silver 92.5%, flat edge
Obverse: denomination "100 RUBLEI" (Cyrillic), coat of arms of the self proclaimed republic of Transnistria (bearing hammer and sickle), inscription "PRIDNESTROVSKII RESPUBLIKANSKII BANK" (in Cyrillic and Russian) meaning "[TRANS] NISTRIAN REPUBLICAN BANK", year 2012, at left mintmarks (MMD and a head of a Russian woman - possibly the Russian hallmark for silver jewelry), at right the silver fineness - Ag925
Reverse: a representation of Saint Andrew church, year 1793 in the field, circular inscription "TSERCOVY SVIATOGO ANDREYA PERVOZVANNOGO" meaning "CHURCH OF SAINT ANDREW THE FIRST-CALLED", in exergue TIRASPOL

Mintage: 250 coins

The coin belongs to the Church of Transnistria series. In 2001 pieces were struck for 9 churches, both in silver and gold. On the site silver coins are presented Rașcov, Zăzuleni, Stroiești, Vadul Turcului and Vărăncău on one page, and those with churches from Chițcani (Noul Neamț), Tighina, Valea Adîncă and Tiraspol on another page. Two coins (silver and gold) were struck in 2006 for the Cathedral of Archangel Michael of Rîbnița.

About the Church Represented on the Coin

Saint Andrew church from Tiraspol was erected on a place that belonged to the Tiraspol Fortress, in the central square of the fortifications. Moreover, on the Transnistrian coin with Tiraspol Fortress the church is also represented. The building was of white stone, with belfry and with a large vault. The church seems to have been demolished around 1930. Nowadays on the spot where the church was a school is placed [1]. Several years ago a new church dedicated to Saint Andrew was erected at Tiraspol. This church belongs to the Operational Group of the Russian Armies in Transnistria, being located inside the barracks.


1. ***, Tiraspol - City on Nistru. The Nice Sound of the Bells. 3rd part. (in Russian). Internet site, retrieved in September 2012.

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