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10 rubles 2007 - Age of Aquarius - Signs of the Zodiac
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Age of Aquarius - Signs of the Zodiac - 10 rubles 2007 - Transnistria Age of Aquarius - Signs of the Zodiac - 10 rubles 2007 - Transnistria
32 mm diameter, 14.14 g, silver 92.5%, flat edge
Obverse: denomination "10 RUBLEI" (Cyrillic), inside inner linear circle coat of arms of the self proclaimed republic of Transnistria (bearing hammer and sickle), inscription "PRIDNESTROVSKII RESPUBLIKANSKII BANK" (in Cyrillic and Russian) meaning "[TRANS] NISTRIAN REPUBLICAN BANK", year 2007, at left mintmarks, at right Ag 925, the silver fineness
Reverse: inside inner linear circle the image of the water-bearer emptying a pitcher of water, inscription "XXI VEK - EPOHA VODOLEIA" (with Cyrillic letters, in Russian) meaning "XXI CENTURY - AGE OF AQUARIUS", on circumference the 12 houses with the signs of the zodiac

Mintage: 500 coins

This is a coin issued by Transnistria. Knowing one might rightfully be wondering what is Transnistria about, we tried to depict on the site the issue as best as we could. Click the links below to clarify yourself.

Transnistria Then and Now | Transnistrian Coinage

For further information confront the Modern and contemporary history section inside the Brief and Comprehensive History of Romanians and Romania page.

Why Transnistrian Coins on Romanian Coins?

Because Transnistrian coins are held in their pockets and used as such by Romanian speaking Romanians on their native land.

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