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5 rubles 2007 - Giant Irish Elk - Megaloceros giganteus
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39 mm diameter, 33.85 g, silver 92.5%, flat edge
Obverse: denomination "5 RUBLEI" (Cyrillic), coat of arms of the self proclaimed republic of Transnistria (bearing hammer and sickle), inscription "PRIDNESTROVSKII RESPUBLIKANSKII BANK" (in Cyrillic and Russian) meaning "[TRANS] NISTRIAN REPUBLICAN BANK", year 2007, at left mintmarks, at right Ag 925, the silver fineness
Reverse: image of a male giant Irish elk on the crest of a dell rendered as to hint at the flow of Nistru River, inscription ZAPOVEDNIK "KOLKOTOVA BALKA" BOLŠEROGII OLENI (with Cyrillic letters, in Russian) meaning "COLCOT RAVINE" RESERVE BIG HORN STAG

Mintage: 500 coins

Near the year 2007 are placed two small signs, detailed in the nearby picture. One of them is the monogram MMD, that shows that the coin was struck at Moscow. MMD is a short for Moskovskii Monetnyi Dvor, meaning Moscow Mint.

The second sign is a medalion with a female face. The meaning of the face is unknown to us.

The giant Irish elk, scientifically named Megaloceros giganteus, lived in Europe and Asia in the middle and late Pleistocene. The species was extinct about 12.000 years ago. The giant Irish elk could reach 2.1 meters at withers. The antlers of the male span up to 3.5 meters between ends.

Despite having received the name of giant elk, it is a relative of deer and not the reindeer. The qualification of Irish comes from the fact that numerous very well preserved individual fossils were found in the marshes of Ireland.

The Colcot ravine is a sand and gravel quarry near the Nistru River, at the edge of the Tiraspol city. Here fossils were found belonging to extinct bears, mammoths, elephants, bisons, stags, rhinoceroses, camels, lions and antilopes.

This is a coin issued by Transnistria. Knowing one might rightfully be wondering what is Transnistria about, we tried to depict on the site the issue as best as we could. Click the links below to clarify yourself.

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Why Transnistrian Coins on Romanian Coins?

Because Transnistrian coins are held in their pockets and used as such by Romanian speaking Romanians on their native land.

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